BYOC: Bring your own...

Container, cup, cutlery

too easy!

The BYOC initiative is a programme meant to implement sustainable behaviour among students throughout ISM by the MS Eco Council, reducing plastic and paper waste from the Kantina by disposable cups, containters and cutlery.

Make a...


In the Kantina...

You buy, we ask is data for BYOC!

March 8

319 students BYOC'd. 144 students didn't BYOC.

13.4% less people bought food (62). 21.6% more people BYOC'd!

March 22

211 students BYOC'd. 190 students didn't BYOC.

Cobras in the lead! Next, the Tarsiers and the Eagles. And third, the Tamaraws and Stingrays.
(First graph, second graph.)

The vendors with the most students, not BYOC'ing are Joe Jr. (64), Gokingo (22), and Sibol (20).


Total Number of Students = 684

Cobras = 95

Crocodiles = 82

Hornbills = 74

Eagles = 96

Stingrays = 80

Tamaraws = 89

Tarsiers = 83

Whale Sharks = 85

463 students bought their lunch (March 8th). 401 students bought their food (March 22nd).

Next time you're buying food...

Don't forget your cup, container or cutlery!

MS Eco Council