Physical Education





The Truth Behind Athletics and Gender Norms - Grades 5-8 (30 minutes)

Related to: SDG 3, SDG 5, SDG 10

Intro: Negative gender stereotypes are harmful and can be discouraging to women and girls participating in, or wanting to participate in, sport and physical activity. Gender equality is a human right. Societies that value women and men as equal are safer and healthier.


1) Watch this video.

2) Study an interesting and viable example of gender equality. What happened in that particular scenario? How was it unjust?


  • Changed perspective on women empowerment

  • How women and men should be treated equally in sports


Importance of Monitoring One's Heart Rate- Grades 5-8 (40 minutes)

Related to: SDG 3

Intro: Keeping track of your heart rate will provide you with valuable information about your fitness, heart health, and emotional well-being. Monitoring your heart rate during exercise means that you're working hard enough to get the most out of your workout. Monitoring the heart rate is vital for a number of reasons, including preventing overtraining, which can reduce the risk of injury and mental exhaustion.


1) Watch this video if you want to gain a solidified understanding of how to feel your heartbeat.

2) Do a high-intensity workout of your choice and take note of your heart rate before, mid-way, and after. What did you notice? Did it increase, decrease, perhaps stay the same? What does that mean?


  • A better understanding of how to/the importance of monitoring one's heart rate

  • What a higher and lower heart rate exactly indicates