MS Eco council

The MS Eco Council is a club primarily led by Middle School students with teacher guidance. We meet regularly to discuss how we can improve our sustainable living, as well as ways we can make our school a more eco friendly place. In recognition of our responsibility as citizens of the world, our community of adults and children will commit to playing an active part in caring for the environment - on campus and beyond.  

Eco council projects:

Core Council
Chisako Yoi (                
Amil Lopez (
Ambrose Frangos (

Executive Council
Bearcat Sponsorship: YiLe(Ella) Zhu
Media & Awareness: Nicole Nord
MS Assemblies: Avani Jha
Nature and Recycling: Zoe Co
Education: Stella Steiger
Biodiversity: Okwe Kumar

Core Council
Chisako Yoi (                
Amil Lopez (
YiLe(Ella) Zhu (

Executive Council
Biodiversity & Marine: Lucia Gernes
Environmental Awareness: Somin Park, Ari Simon
Nature and Recycling: Jacob(Jet) Tay
Education - Avivah (Vivi) Wajahat
Fundraising - Gil Azriel

The Eco Council committees changed this year (2023-2024), from having six committees (Bearcat Sponsorship, Media and Awareness, MS assemblies, Nature and Recycling, Education, and Biodiversity) to simply five committees (Biodiversity and Marine, Environmental Awareness, Nature and Recycling, Education, and Fundraising). 

Bird/butterfly feeders

April 15-19, 2024

A week before Earth Week, students will work with their advisory classmates to build a butterfly feeder (grades 5 and 6) or a bird feeder (grades 7 and 8). On the first day of Earth Week, the winners for both the butterfly and bird feeder will be announced during assembly. Winners get a pizza party!!

The bird feeders will eventually be hung on trees in the MS and HS courtyard where the feeders will be put into use. 

(The bird feeder on the right is made by Lucia Gernes)

E-Column (life in a bottle)

The E-Colum is a school project which every G8 student goes through. This project, initiated in science class, is an ongoing project all year round. The E-column has three chambers: the Terrestrial chamber, the Aquatic chamber, and the Decomposition chamber. The E-Colum simulates an ecosystem in which the moisture travels around the whole system, providing much-needed water for plants in the Terrestrial chamber, soil in the Decomposition chamber, and fish in the Aquatic chamber. Recently, our SY 23-24 G8 students just added their fish to their Aquatic chamber. Some of them selected pregnant females, resulting in baby fish and a new generation. 


Too Easy!




In the Kantina Waste Audit, MS Eco Council students surveyed the weight of food waste produced by the kitchens in the MS/HS Kantina. On the right is the data collected from Jan 16 to 19. Unfortunately we were unable to collect the data from Friday Jan 20, however this is an audit that will definitely be conducted again for more consistent, accurate and specific data. 


Monday Jan 16 - 28.5 kg 

Tuesday Jan 17 - 34.3 kg 

Wednesday Jan 18 - 17.4 kg

Thursday Jan 19 - 16.5 kg

BYOC patrol audit results

The BYOC Patrol Audit was conducted over 3 days - March 8 (blue), March 22 (red), and April 19 (yellow). House points were awarded to houses for each person who participated in BYOC. As we can see from the graph, Cobras earned the most house points on the first audit, while on the last data collection the Tamaraws triumphed over the other 7 houses. 

What is SustainabIlity?

202401271148 (1).mp4

CompostING Tutorial

Composting tutorial.mp4










Paper Bag drive 

Results from the first paper bag drive. 

The paper bags were collected and donated to an organization that turns useless paper packaging into something useful such as chess pieces.