Sustainable Leaders! Grades 5-8 (20 minutes)

Related to: *Possibly all SDG goals (depending on how creative you get)

Intro: Leaders that support sustainability build and restore ecosystems that encourage broad-based quality improvement. They help people adapt and thrive in increasingly dynamic environments by allowing them to benefit from one another's diverse behaviors.


1) Create a PowerPoint and research 3, sustainable leaders, that you are interested in.

2) Include information regarding who they are, what they do, how they inspire others, etc.

3) Share your findings in breakout rooms of three!


  • Students recognize the importance and value of sustainable leadership

  • Students broaden their horizons by learning about a variety of leaders



My Vision of the Planet in 50 Years Time - Grades 5-8 (30 minutes)

Related to: *Possibly all SDG goals (depending on how creative you get)

Intro: Our environment is home to plants, animals, food chains, water, and much more. It is what provides human beings and all other species with natural services that are vital to our health, quality of life, and survival. This is why is it ever so important that we take care of our planet. Quoted by Barack Obama himself, "Climate change is no longer some far-off problem; it is happening here, it is happening now." People need to start taking action, as the more we ignore these issues, the more polluted our environment will become. We have one mission which is to protect and cherish our planet. However, if we choose to further contaminate it, our planet's vision for future generations does not appear to be in good hands.


1) Watch this video.

2) After watching this video, pause and take a moment to reflect. How do you wish to see the world in 50 years time?

You can link this ideal vision to any of the 17 SDG goals that you would like. To further enhance the overall quality of our world and society, what concrete improvements would you like to make?

3) After thinking thoroughly about this, visit this link and write a letter to your future self, about all the good things you want to change in the world. Make sure you choose subjects you feel truly passionate about and provide practical steps you will take that will allow you to achieve your goals. You can deliver this message any time you wish - it could be in 1 year from now... or maybe even 5.


  • Students understand the reality of climate change and the effects that the world will experience if we don't start taking action soon.

  • Students recognize that every single person on this earth has the power to change the world.

  • Students feel empowered and ready to make a difference!

Creative Writing Practice! Grades 5-8 (35 minutes)

Related to: *Possibly all SDG goals (depending on how creative you get)

Intro: In 2015, all United Nations Member States adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals, as a universal call to action to end hunger, protect the world and ensure that all people experience peace and prosperity by 2030. These 17 SDG goals are deeply interconnected in the sense that a lack of progress on one goal hinders progress on others.


1) Watch this video to gather a better understanding of what the SDG goals are.

2) After watching this video, consider the following 17 SDG goals and identify four that are of utmost importance to you.

3) Write a creative short story after thoroughly thinking about this, covering four of these SDG goals and demonstrating how they are interconnected. Feel free to get creative!


  • Students realize the significance of each of the 17 SDG goals and how they are interconnected

  • Students are able to use the following writing prompt to inspire their target audience by using their creative writing skills to effectively incorporate at least four SDG goals into their story