Journey to Sustainability

"Journey to Sustainability" is a film series made by the ISM Eco Schools Committee to document our progress and educate a larger audience on our efforts to preserve our environment and reach Eco Schools accreditation.

Episode 1: Call to Action

The world is facing a climate emergency. Global temperatures are climbing at alarming rates, rising sea levels threaten the existence of coastal communities, and biodiversity is facing unprecedented declines. SM has a plan. Almost two years ago, in September of 2019, the HS Sustainability Council began working to become a part of the Eco Schools program, the largest global sustainable schools program in the world. Now, the MS Eco Council and the ES Eco Warriors are joining the Sustainability Council in their efforts to make ISM a model for a more sustainable future, and a leader in combating the existential threat of climate change. Join us as we construct the future of our school.